Jenifer Lewis is an iconic figure in the entertainment world, known for her energetic presence in series like Black-ish and classic movies like What’s Love Got to Do with It.

However, while many are familiar with her professional career, the personal story she shares with her sister Charmaine Lewis is much less known.

This relationship has been fundamental in both their lives, and over the years, it has revealed the depth of their commitment and family love.

The text below offers a detailed look into Charmaine’s life, exploring her experiences, her career, and her special connection with Jenifer.

Charmaine Lewis

◍ The story of Jenifer and Charmaine Lewis

Jenifer Lewis met Charmaine when she was just seven years old, through the “Big Sister, Big Brother” program in Los Angeles.

The actress, who at the time was looking for a way to provide support and mentorship, decided to join this program following the advice of her therapist and a group of close African American women​​.

During the program, Jenifer met a shy Charmaine, hiding under a desk and, despite her own struggles with bipolar disorder, felt an instant connection and decided to reach out to her​.

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For the next five years, Lewis acted as a big sister, offering the young girl guidance and support in all sorts of matters.

However, the situation changed drastically when Charmaine’s biological mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

◍ Charmaine is also Jenifer Lewis’ daughter

The story of how Charmaine Lewis became Jenifer Lewis’ adoptive daughter is deeply moving.

In reality, Jenifer never intended to be a mother, but as Charmaine’s biological mother’s health deteriorated, it became clear that she needed a stable and secure home.

At that time, she was only 12 years old and Jenifer, driven by her love and concern, decided to also take care of her as an adoptive mother.

This decision marked the beginning of a new stage in her life filled with triumphs, but also challenges, as she added the difficulty of raising a child as a single mother to her own battle with bipolar disorder.

However, her determination and unconditional love transformed their mentoring relationship into a strong and lasting maternal bond.

Jenifer Lewis
greginhollywood (Greg Hernandez), CC BY 2.0, image cropped/resized

◍ Currently, Charmaine is a successful creative

Charmaine Lewis has followed a different path than her adoptive mother in the entertainment industry.

Although she has ventured into acting, with appearances in movies like Strange Blood (2015) and Instagram Is A Liar (2015), her true passion lies in visual and creative arts​.

She is currently a creative consultant and visionary director at Lucid Fate, a platform that allows artists to express their ideas and concepts in innovative ways.

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Additionally, she is the author of an art book titled Because Black is Beautiful: Reflective Images and Affirmations for Queens of All Ages, in which she combines photographs and affirmations to inspire and empower women of all ages​​.

This book combines her love for photography with her commitment to promoting self-esteem and celebrating Black identity.

◍ She also has a family and a child

In 2021, Charmaine married Keith Harrison Dworkin, a talented musician and writer known for his work on major productions like American Idol, Netflix, and Disney.

The couple celebrated their wedding in Las Vegas and on March 6, 2022, they welcomed their first child, Kilanu. This new stage in their lives has strengthened their relationship and allowed them to build a stable family​.

Charmaine has expressed on several occasions the happiness and pride she feels in being a mother, and has shared special moments of her family on her social media​

Keith Dworkin is originally from New Jersey and has a distinguished career in the music industry, collaborating with important entertainment platforms.

His talent and dedication have been a constant source of support for Charmaine in her artistic and personal endeavors.

◍ Connections with her biological family

Despite being adopted by Jenifer, Charmaine never lost contact with her biological roots. Her story with her biological father, Clarence Headspeth, reflects the complexity and beauty of family relationships.

For many years, Charmaine had no contact with her biological father, but recently they have reconnected. In an emotional Instagram post, she expressed her happiness at reuniting with her father, describing the experience as a dream come true​​.

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On the other hand, her biological mother is still alive and fighting her illness, although she remains largely out of the public eye.

This balance between her adoptive and biological family has been a crucial part of her life, allowing her to appreciate and celebrate her diverse family connections.

◍ The mother-daughter relationship continues to this day

Jenifer has been very open about the challenges she faced while raising Charmaine, especially as a single mother dealing with her own bipolar disorder.

In her autobiography and various interviews, she has shared how motherhood helped her find purpose and emotional stability.

Her struggle with bipolar disorder, diagnosed in 1990, involved years of therapy and medication, during which her daughter and sister was a constant source of strength and motivation​​.

Additionally, their relationship has manifested publicly on multiple occasions when they have been seen together in public.

Charmaine has accompanied Jenifer to various red carpet events and award ceremonies, notably at the 2019 Essence Black Women in Hollywood awards gala, where she delivered an emotional speech in honor of her mother.

These appearances not only showcase their close relationship but also the deep respect and admiration they have for each other.

Jenifer, for her part, has unconditionally supported her adoptive daughter’s artistic endeavors, encouraging her to pursue her passion for visual arts and creative consulting.

The dynamic between mother and daughter is a testament to how love and support can transform lives, providing an inspiring model of a non-traditional family that overcomes all adversities.

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