Patti Carnel, primarily known for her marriage to 1960s and 70s teen idol Bobby Sherman, has lived an intriguing life that piques the curiosity of many.

Her story intertwined with iconic figures of pop culture reveals a personal journey marked by love and the challenges that fame brings.

This article delves into Patti Carnel’s life, showcasing her biography, her relationship with Bobby Sherman, her children, and where she is today.

Bobby Sherman

◍ Patti Carnel’s Biography

Patti Carnel Sherman was born in 1952, placing her at around 72 years old today.

From a young age, Patti showed varied interests in arts and design, leading her to attend San Fernando Valley Junior College. Here, she not only delved into interior decoration but also explored psychology and dedicated six years to intensive practice in modern dance and ballet.

These disciplines not only reflect the breadth of her interests but also her commitment to expanding her education and personal skills.

In addition to her academic and artistic life, Patti Carnel has shown a passion for gourmet cooking, a hobby that highlights her appreciation for culinary arts and her desire to explore and create in the kitchen.

This combination of interests and skills suggests a person with a rich inner life and a wide range of talents and passions.

Patti’s life before her encounter with Bobby Sherman, though marked by ambition and learning, would eventually take a turn into public scrutiny through her marriage to the teen idol.

Despite this, her personal story and achievements stand as a testament to her individuality and effort to forge her own identity beyond the shadows of the public figure she was linked to.

◍ The Relationship Between Patti Carnel and Bobby Sherman

Bobby Sherman entered Patti Carnel’s life through one of her friends, who noted they shared the same apartment building with the then-teen idol.

However, despite Sherman’s fame, Patti initially mistook him for another public figure, showcasing the distance between her everyday life and the showbiz world.

Still, Patti and her friend sought an excuse to meet him, which eventually happened when they approached him with the request to use his phone. This casual encounter was the beginning of their relationship.

What followed was a courtship that lasted about a year, during which Patti and Bobby got to know each other more deeply, sharing experiences and building a relationship amidst Sherman’s busy life in entertainment.

Their mutual commitment culminated in marriage on October 12, 1971, cementing their relationship into an official union that would be observed and celebrated by fans and media alike.

Throughout their marriage, they faced the usual pressures and challenges of couples in the public eye, from maintaining a sense of normalcy to managing the expectations of their respective careers.

Despite these challenges, the couple welcomed two children, Christopher and Tyler Sherman, deepening their family bond and sharing the joys and tribulations of parenthood.

However, as with many relationships subjected to the intense spotlight of fame, their marriage came to an end in 1979, though the reasons behind their divorce remain private.

◍ Patti Carnel’s Children

Christopher and Tyler Sherman, Patti Carnel and Bobby Sherman’s children, have followed in their father’s footsteps in the entertainment industry, although both have remained relatively away from the public spotlight.

Bobby Sherman, motivated by love for his children, undertook significant projects reflecting the profound influence fatherhood had on his life.

A notable example is the creation of a small-scale replica of Disneyland’s Main Street in his backyard, a project that took him two and a half years and cost around $15,000.

This labor of love, inspired by his children, highlights Sherman’s devotion to his family and his willingness to embark on endeavors that enriched their lives.

Beyond family anecdotes and shared moments, little is known about the current details of Christopher and Tyler’s lives.

However, their legacy as integral parts of their father’s story and their contribution to his career transition from musician to emergency medical technician (EMT) and later police officer underscores the enduring impact they’ve had on his life.

Sherman’s transition to a career dedicated to saving lives and his founding of a nonprofit EMT organization were largely inspired by his role as a father and the responsibilities it entailed.

◍ Patti Carnel Today

After her divorce from Bobby Sherman, Patti Carnel found love again by marrying David Soul in 1980, an actor and singer primarily known for his role in “Starsky & Hutch.”

This marriage introduced her to a new life dynamic, though it eventually faced challenges, including issues of alcoholism and violence.

The relationship between Patti and David was complicated, marked by difficult moments including an instance of abuse when she was pregnant.

Despite these challenges, David Soul expressed remorse for his past actions and made efforts to mend relationships within his family, including with his children with Patti.

The marriage with David Soul also ended in divorce in 1986, after which Soul married Julia Nickson, with whom he had a daughter.

Throughout the years, Soul attempted to rebuild trust with his children and improved his relationship with them, showing a continued commitment to their well-being and development.

Patti Carnel’s life, following her marriages to public figures, suggests a path marked by complex and challenging experiences.

However, specific details about her life after these relationships have remained private, indicating her preference for an existence away from the public eye that once closely observed her.

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