Corey Harrison, known for his role on the hit TV show “Pawn Stars,” has been the subject of growing health concerns.

A recent Instagram image featuring Corey with his father and Chumlee has sparked speculation among the show’s followers.

In the photo, Corey appears thinner and has a noticeably hunched posture, raising alarm among fans.

These concerns are heightened by the recent loss of his brother Adam, increasing the interest in his well-being.

Here’s everything being discussed about a possible new illness affecting Corey Harrison and his current health status.

Corey Harrison

◍ Corey Harrison’s Weight Issues and Physical Transformation

Corey Harrison, also known as “Big Hoss,” has been a central figure on “Pawn Stars” since its inception in 2009.

However, due to his overweight and related health issues, he has undergone a significant physical transformation.

In 2014, he decided to undergo gastric band surgery after being diagnosed with prediabetes. This surgery helped him reduce his weight from approximately 400 pounds to nearly half, losing about 200 pounds.

The gastric band surgery limited the amount of food Corey could consume to 4-5 ounces per meal, forcing him to adopt a healthier diet and exercise routine.

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This transformation not only improved his physical well-being but also had a positive impact on his mental health.

Corey has openly talked about how these changes made him feel better than ever, highlighting the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

◍ An Instagram Image Sparks Speculation About a Possible Illness

In recent months, concerns about Corey Harrison’s health have resurfaced due to noticeable changes in his appearance.

Recent social media photos have shown Corey looking thinner and, according to some followers, less healthy.

One particular image, posted in May 2024, shows him with a hunched posture and a noticeable bump on his back. This has led some fans to speculate that he might be suffering from scoliosis.

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Scoliosis is a condition that causes an abnormal curvature of the spine. Symptoms can include back pain, hunched posture, and, in severe cases, a protruding hump on the back.

Speculations about the actor’s possible scoliosis arose when followers noticed an unusual curvature in his back in the recent photo.

Although he has not publicly confirmed whether he has this condition, fans’ concerns have grown due to the lack of official information about his health.

Additionally, the recent death of his half-brother Adam Harrison from an accidental overdose has intensified concerns about his emotional and physical well-being.

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◍ Official Information on Corey’s Health

Despite the speculation, there is no concrete evidence suggesting that Corey Harrison is facing severe health problems.

Official reports indicate that, following his weight loss surgery and lifestyle changes, he has maintained good overall health.

His activity on social media and continued participation in “Pawn Stars” also suggest that he is in relatively stable and positive condition.

Corey has been open about his weight loss journey but has kept any additional details about his recent health private.

This lack of specific information has led followers to fill the gaps with often unfounded speculation.

It is important to note that there are no verifiable reports indicating that Rick’s son is dealing with addictions or other serious illnesses at this time.

◍ Impact on His Professional and Personal Life

Corey’s physical transformation has significantly impacted both his professional and personal life.

In terms of his career on “Pawn Stars,” he has continued to play a crucial role in the show’s success, bringing his expertise and skills in evaluating items.

His notable weight loss has also been seen as a testament to his determination and commitment to health, inspiring many followers to consider positive changes in their own lives.

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On a personal level, he has expressed in various interviews how his new lifestyle has improved his quality of life.

Despite the challenges and difficulties, he has remained focused on maintaining his physical and mental well-being, which is evident in his public interactions and social media presence.

Concerns about Corey Harrison’s health from “Pawn Stars” are understandable given his history of significant weight loss and recent family events.

However, to date, there are no indications that he is facing severe health problems thanks to the gastric band surgery and a healthier lifestyle.

We will continue to follow his progress and hope that he maintains his good health while continuing to entertain and guide his followers.

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